Overview of the course

9-15 May 2022
Island of Spetses, Greece

We thank all participants and speakers for
a great course, overwhelming support, and evaluations of the course.

This international workshop for primarily PhD students (but also postdoc) will include lectures as well as group discussions, journal clubs, panel discussions and posters.

With dramatic developments of X-ray and neutron sources, cryo-EM, super resolution microscopy, single-molecule microscopy, NMR, and computation, the possibilities for addressing advanced problems in structural biology and molecular cell biology and physiology are on a fast move. It is increasingly important to integrate many sources of data to achieve proper models of dynamic interactions between biomolecules and how they define cell function. The workshop will address these challenges and also cover the individual methods to stimulate critical discourse and forward-looking visions of integral structural biology

Max. number of participants: 40.
3 ECTS points.

Close contact between the students and the lecturers
From our previous experience, close contact between the students and the lecturers is guaranteed. They will not only meet during the lectures and the discussions but will also have lunches together and will spend free time together at the beach and during the evenings.

Course Organizers
Poul Nissen (chairman), Gregers Rom Andersen, Lise Arleth, James Fraser, Birthe Brandt Kragelund, Annette E. Langkilde, Kresten Lindorff-Larsen, Elena Seiradake & Martin Weik.


Federation of European Biochemical Societies BRAINSTRUC - a Lundbeck Foundation initiative Lundbeckfonden


  • Applications Opening (first circular)
    12 April-8 November 2021
  • Application opening (second circular)
    8 November-25 March 2022
  • Youth Travel Fund Grants
    8 November 2021
  • Closing times: 25 March 2022 at 23:59 (UTC+01:00)

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